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Jeana & Kane Byron Bay Wedding

Jeana and Kane met in Lisbon, Portugal and instantly fell in love with each other.

Byron Bay Photographer

They traveled through Europe and Asia and eventually came to settle in Australia.

After being together for a couple years Kane proposed to his Jeana with a backdrop of the iconic Byron Bay Lighthouse.

Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

They have been engaged for 1 year and their plans kept getting postponed due to Covid so they decided to have a spontaneous wedding, and got married with a close group of friends in Byron Bay!! I feel so privileged to have witnessed such a beautiful celebration of love, joy, and happiness.

Jeana & Kane celebrated their wedding with a bespoke masterpiece cake from Millie's of

After the ceremony and a little celebration we moved where it all started....

Cheers to Jeana & Kane, the wonderful couple!

All the best for your life together.


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