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- Where are you based?

I’m based in Byron Bay, Australia, the beautiful and picturesque seaside town where I share a cosy home 5 minutes from the beach with my wonderful partner in business & life, Ava Belle, hair & makeup artist, and our little superstar son, Leo Levi.
Before Covid we were based in Paris, and enjoyed working all over Europe together, we are now making the best of life down under, and so happy to be in this beautiful part of the world.

- How much will it cost for you to travel to our wedding?
Travel cost include: Flights, accomodation and any expenses incurred if transfers/taxi/car hire/parking is required. These details will be booked after your deposit is transferred and added to your balance.
No travel fee is required if your wedding is taking place within a radius of 50 kms from the Byron Shire.

- How do we book you?
You can fill in the contact form on my website to see if your wedding date is still available or send me an email at If the date is available and you are happy with my collections I will send you a deposit invoice to lock in the date (50% of the total amount) and terms & conditions to read carefully.

- Can we meet you before the big day?
Yes, absolutely! I love to meet my couples before the wedding!
If it’s not possible because of distance I’m always happy to jump on a video chat with you guys. 

- Do you also provide video services?
No sorry, I don’t. I decide to specialise in photography to give you the very best of this beautiful art. However I do know very talented videographers and I’m happy to help you find the company that meet your needs.

- Do you offer a “first look”?
Yes I do, and it’s included in every wedding collection.

Byron Bay Photography

- How much is the deposit? Is it refundable? How quick will I have to pay it?
The deposit is 50% of the total amount and it is non-refundable. To avoid disappointment, I recommend to transfer the deposit as soon as you can to lock in the date for your special day.

- When do I have to pay the whole amount?
The balance of the amount agreed is due 30 days before your wedding day.

- Can you hold a date for me?
Unfortunately due to demand on dates, your date can not be held until you have transferred your deposit to secure your booking.

Byron Bay Wedding

- What is the online gallery mentioned in your collections?
The online gallery is an online page, protected with password, where all your wedding pictures will be kept for you and your family & friends to see. If you would like anyone else to view these images, you will just need to share the password with them. 
I will also deliver your digital files through this platform. Once you receive the online gallery there will be a download option with a PIN to download the images directly to your computer.

- When will I receive my photographs?
You will receive 2-3 favourite previews shots within 48 hours to share with your friends and family. You can expect your full edited online gallery to be delivered in approximately 6-8 weeks.

- How many images will I receive?
The number of images you will receive depends on various factors such as number of guests, hours of coverage, etc. My average image delivery is 50 per hour, so for a 8 hour day you will receive 400 pictures.

- Do you edit our images?
Yes , I do. Every picture you receive will be edited with love.

- What if I would like to order extra prints?
You can print as many images as you wish and have them delivered to your front door, simply by accessing the print shop available in your online gallery.

- Can I decide on an album after the wedding day?
Of course! You can make that decision at any time.

Wedding Photos Byron Bay

- What’s your photography style?
My style is a blend of candid images capturing raw emotions, guided couple shots where I help you feel relaxed while creating some classic silhouettes and beautiful still life shots to tell your story though all of your most precious items and wedding details. I’m friendly and love to have a laugh, I enjoy getting to know my couples during my coverage of the day, being Italian, I am very passionate and full of energy. I truly believe there is a time and a place for a little “escape” with bride & groom, time for you to connect and take a moment away together where we will have the perfect opportunity to capture some intimate moments. 
So I won’t stop you while you are exchanging rings or while you are cutting the cake but I would love to have 45 min/1 hr with you both, if possible, to create some images without your wedding party or guests. I’m also in love with details! So from your special accessories (shoes, jewellery, perfume, invitations) to cake, food, reception, your gallery will be filled with detail images. My photos of the guests are 100% candid so I won’t stop an entire table at the reception to pose for a “table shot”, instead I prefer capture them while they are having a good time, smiling, laughing, hugging and dancing.

- Do you prefer flash photography or natural light?
I prefer to shoot in natural light. I love using light and make the best of every situation. Obviously when it gets too dark flash is ready to be used.

- Do you shoot with a second photographer?
I do sometimes use a second shooter, this decision comes down to the size of your wedding, logistics and timing. Sometimes I also use an assistant, you will be notified prior to bringing anyone to your wedding.

- Do you take posed family photos?
Yes I do. I think they capture a very important time for the history of your family all together. In the wedding questionnaire I will send you weeks before your wedding there is a question about providing me with a list of shooting configurations you would like to get on the day (e.g. bride & groom with family, bride with bridesmaids, groom with groomsmen, big group shot, etc).
During this process please keep in mind that my style of coverage is a blend of candid and guided images. Providing me with a very long list of posed family images will compromise my ability to cover the event following my style of photography. I recommend to have a list with no more than 10/12 configurations to keep the process light, easy and enjoyable for everyone.

- Can I provide you with a “shot list”?
Other than a list for family groupings I would rather not. I strongly believe that having me working from a “checklist” or being asked for repeated posed images is counterproductive and halter my ability to be creative during the day.

- We are camera shy. Can you still take good photos of us?

Of course, I don’t expect you to be professional models, we will start slow and build up your confidence and comfort in from of the camera as we go. I have all the tips and tricks I need up my sleeve to help you feel totally at ease and look your best. 

Elope in Byron Bay

- Can you shoot in national parks?
Yes, I have a permission that I renew every year to take photographs in national parks. Authorities needs to be notified with the date and time of the shooting (I will take care of that).

- Do you have insurance?
Yes absolutely, I do!

- Can you provide my venue with an insurance certificate?
Of course. Feel free to put your venue in touch with me and I will provide them with the documents they need.

- Do you need anything from us?
After the deposit has been paid I will send you a wedding questionnaire to help me gather more information about your wedding day. Such as list of bridal party members, vendors, timeline of events, etc.
Also if you would like me to cover the “getting ready” part of the day it would be greatly appreciated if you could have all your accessories ready before my arrive (shoes, jewellery, flowers, perfume, invitations, etc). A clear, clean space with good light is also appreciated to create the best possible images of you stepping into your dress and preparing to leave to the ceremony. 

- What if it rains on my wedding day?

As we all know, the weather is one of the things we just can not predict or control, I highly recommend having your wet weather plan B in place, just case the conditions are not ideal. Having now said that, even on most rainy days, there are usually windows of time when we will be able to be outside to take some special shots, and there are always cleaver solutions we can use when the situation calls for it, some of the most magical wedding shots I have taken have happened on rainy days. Also a good idea is to have some clear umbrellas to hand:

I will answer all your questions


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